Where do I go?

Our campus is very long, consisting of a preschool, a sanctuary, a separate Welcome Center, a gym, and an elementary school. On a typical Sunday or Wednesday service time, you will come to the Sanctuary or to the Family Life Center, which is next to the gym.  

  • The Sanctuary is our main Sunday service location. You can come in through the Welcome Center (ground level) and ride the elevator to the 2nd floor, or you can come up the front steps from the parking lot. 
  • Further into the Sanctuary building there is a basement, where you can get to the nursery, 'Old Social Hall' (OSH), and choir area. On the 2nd floor you will find the children's wing to the left of the stairwell which houses our Sunday Schools and Children's Church. The 3rd floor contains rooms for the youth. 
  • The Welcome Center is located where the drive-up portico stands. There you can find information about our church as well as people happy to greet you and show you were to go. To the right is our Sanctuary, elevator, nursery access, and children's and youth areas. To the left is the Gym, Family Life Center, and Church Offices. 
  • The Family Life Center is on the other side of the Welcome Center, and it has a dining area, a gym, and the Church Offices. You can access the Family Life Center through the door next to the flagpole. Wednesday Adult Bible Study/Prayer Meeting is in the Family Life Center while the youth and children spend time in the Sanctuary wing. 
  • Gorman Christian Academy greets you on the other side of the flagpole. The school's main office is accessed through the GCA porch. 
What about my kids?

We love children and welcome them to the main service and to the activities for all ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. 

  • Nursery is provided Sunday mornings for Sunday School and our Worship service. Wednesday night prayer meeting also has nursery available. If you want to keep your baby in the service with you, we are fine with it!  See Pastor Paul for information on a nursing room.
  • Sunday School is available for every age, nursery to senior adults! See a Welcome Center greeter for information on where to go. 
  • Kids' Worship (4yrs to 5th grade) is dismissed to the 2nd floor Children's Wing after a time in the main Sanctuary service to continue worshiping. Parents can get them after the main service ends. Those ages are also welcome to stay in the Sanctuary for the Pastor's message. Blue GBC Kids Activity bags are located in the front of the Sanctuary and can help them with fidgeting and focus. 
  • Wednesday night kids JAM has classes for nursery, K4-2nd grade, and 3-5 grade. Summer JAM keeps K4 through 5th grade altogether. 
  • Our Student Ministry (6-12 grade) meets in the Youth Rooms on the 3rd floor for Sunday School and for Sunday night and Wednesday night activities. The large group is split up into small groups of middle school girls, middle school boys, high school girls, and high school boys. There are also youth activities throughout the month where your teen would be a part of great fun and friendship.
Other Things to Know

We'll be glad to have you visit Gorman. 

  • We have a wide range of people at Gorman. Because of this, you'll notice different styles of clothes and different styles of music that make up the entire family. You will see people in three-piece suits, but you also will see people in shirts and shorts. You will hear music from previous decades as well as very recent music.  Whatever year it's from, we encourage children to adults to sing out from their faith the steady message of the Gospel. 
  • Pastor Craig's preaching style is to go through a book of the Bible verse by verse ("expository preaching"). This shows us how every part of Scripture is applicable in every aspect of life. You're welcome to open a Bible app on your phone to follow along or to bring a physical Bible with you. If you don't have a Bible, we'll be glad to provide you with one!  To see more about Bible Translations, click here

If we don't answer your question, feel free to email us at  pastor@gormanbc.org