What to expect

“Home” really is how many people refer to Gorman. Home is a special place where you’re known and people care for you and you’re welcomed at the door. We all long for that sense of community with each other. At Gorman we are a people bound together by a mutual love for Christ and each other. We hail from different places, different generations and different backgrounds but we all have something to offer. Together we are the church and we are desperately seeking to be all He would have us to be…together.

At Gorman, as a part of the church, you are considered family. Our pastors know the whole church and are available to everyone when needed. If you’re sick or in the hospital you can expect a visit. If you’re going through a rough patch we will go through it with you. If you meet success we will cheer you on. There’s a place at Gorman for everyone from infants to seniors and we celebrate every stage of life and growth in the Lord. We are not a group of finished vessels. We are a work in process but one that He is sure to finish in us together.

Pastor Craig firmly believes that everyone of every age has something to contribute to the body. Each week we are taught from the Word in an easy to understand and applicable manner so that all are equipped for service. You don’t have to be a professional to sing in our choir or a sound engineer to help in the booth. Our music is as diverse as the body and we enjoy the old and new as it applies to what we are studying that week.

So if you are looking for a place to call home within the family of God come check us out. We’d be glad to show you around.

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